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ATeL LLC develops pioneering simulation-based online virtual laboratories and courses for science, technology and engineering education, as well as for corporate and military training. Our educational tools are designed for a new, so called digital generation of youth and meet their expectations and learning habits.
We use real-world processes, systems and devices as the context for science or technology learning and for technical training. Highly interactive simulations, game-like activities, realistic images and animations are key elements of our e-learning solutions.
Such approach has been shown to be effective and engaging for ALL students, but especially for those with weak abstract thinking skills and with average or limited technical backgrounds in science and math.
Incorporating ATeL's materials into courseware for technical training enables instructors to dramatically enhance learning efficiency and achieve superior results due to the integration of professional skills development with "just-in-time" learning of relevant engineering principles and scientific laws.
An innovative approach, high efficiency and outstanding quality of the product have enabled ATeL, LLC to win nine government grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Defense for the development of learning tools and pedagogy for STEM education and corporate/military training.