The e-learning module "Golf" enables students to study many topics of classical mechanics. The simulations can be run in either Putt or Chip shot modes. There are several underlying physical and mathematical models of various degree of sophistication employed to simulate strokes and ball motion. This makes the module appropriate for students of different educational levels – from middle school to university.

Highly interactive game-like simulations and virtual labs can dramatically enhance students' online learning experience by transforming conventional passive "e-learning by reading and watching" into much more effective active "learning by doing."


Golf simulations incorporate solid science/math models that describe the motion of a golf ballon horizontal and inclined planesor in flight. It is assumed that the ball size is far smaller than the distance the it travels and can be neglected. The moving ball always only slides (like a hockey puck) and never spins.

Virtual experiments

Virtual experiments are self-guided online student activities designed to achieve particular learning objectives. In addition to a simulation, each virtual experiment incorporates a description, detailed step-by-step instruction, worksheet, assessment and associated learning resources.

Authoring Tool

The wizard-driven Authoring Tool enables instructorsto modify virtual experiments and create new ones. Students can use the tool to design own virtual experiments to challenge their peers.