Advanced Tools for e-Learning
Conceptual Learning and Interactive Training for Today's World
ATeL offers multitude of cloud-based highly interactive and customizable online learning activities, virtual laboratories, and etire e-learning solutions for different levels of STEM education and for professional training. Our gamified e-learning modules have been designed to fit the learning habits of millennials.
Interdisciplinary Contextual Learning
Familiar daily life and workplace objects and processes provide the context for interdisciplinary learning and training activities. Fundamental principles are linked with their practical applications.
Computational Thinking Approach
Our applications incorporate both mouse and touch screen functionality and are able to run on PCs, tablets and smartphones under various operating systems and browsers
Cross Platform Compatibility
Interactive resources incorporate both mouse and touch screen functionality and can run on PCs, tablets and smartphones under various operating systems (OS) and browsers.
Professional Skills Development
Mastering practical skills concurrently with learning underlying principles deepen students' underlying and develops transferable knowledge and skills

High Interactivity and Fidelity
Simulations are based on accurate science and math models that reproduce natural processes, system design and operation, and learning situations. This allows students to collect, handle, and analyze plausible artificially generated data and study processes from various perspectives and at different levels of details.
Gamification, Engagement and Teamwork
Gamified activities and immersive virtual reality (VR) draw students into interactive and exploratory learning, enhancing their creativity, understanding and motivation. Web-based teamwork environment fosters communication and collaboration.
Distributed Architecture, Flexibility & Reusability
Modular distributed architecture assures great flexibility and adaptability of virtual activities and provides high reusability of simulations and other resources. New activities can also be assembled from distributed resources.
Performance-based Assessment
Our simulations can keep track of all user's actions and elapsed time. This provides instructors with reliable data regarding employee qualifications and help trainees self-evaluate their progress.
Preparation for Hands-on Assignments
Realistic looking and functioning virtual equipment facilitates performing authentic lab or workplace tasks. A variety of samples from open and expandable collections can be used in customizable assignments.
Personalization and Adaptation
A flexible architecture and wizard-driven authoring tool enables instructors to adjust student activities and assignments to specific student ages, backgrounds and educational levels (from middle school to university).
Easy Integration
Our interactive activities, virtual activities and other resources can be easily integrated with various conventional online courses and MOOCs (massive open online courses).
Workplace Introduction and Troubleshooting
Virtual facilities and equipment enable students and trainees to master professional skills by performing authentic workplace tasks anytime, anywhere, and multiple times. Simulations allow trainees to practice troubleshooting with no risk to damage equipment and helps prepare new employees to work with actual equipment.