I like pedagogically-sound simulation-based e-learning software, developed by ATeL, because its interactive activities focus on familiar everyday devices and processes. ATeL's virtual labs can be valuable supplements to many physics and physical science laboratory activities, and to textbooks including my own.
Paul G. Hewitt, author of "Conceptual Physics" and "Conceptual Physical Science"
I found that ATeL virtual labs are a great thing in simulation and no one else has done anything like this.
Prof. Jai Agrawal, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology at Purdue University Calumet
ATeL simulations and virtual experiments allowed my physics students to see the physics in action. Students were able to change specific variables in a given system and immediately see how this change affects the outcome. This provides the students with a level of control that is hard to duplicate in the real-world experiments. Using ATeL tools students are able to conduct, analyze, and learn from virtual experiments, while the teacher is also able to assess student learning in real-time. All of these features have been invaluable to my classroom, and are highly recommended to any science teacher looking for a new fresh interactive and engaging way to present material to students.
Christopher Kertyzak, Physics Teacher, Franklin High School, MA
ATeL advanced e-learning tools provide an enormous advantage in training our submariners. Through this innovative approach of blending practical learning experiences, virtual experiments and interactive lessons these learning solutions allow our students new opportunities to learn through discovery, reinforcing their knowledge of basic physics and engineering principles.
RADM Arnold Lotring, Commander, Naval Service Training Command.